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Introduction 3
Chapter I. From history of American press 5
1.1. Disturbing trends in journalism 5
1.2. Print technology 14
1.3. Magazines for the 21st century 17
1.4. The new world information order 19
Chapter II. The most famous American newspapers 23
2.1. The New York Times 23
2.2. USA TODAY 32
2.3. The Washington Post 35
2.4. The Washington Times 39
Chapter III. The role of Press in the Mass Culture 45
3.1. Mass Society and the Mass Culture 45
3.2. Famous events through a prism of press 49
Chapter IV. Advertising in Press 65
4.1. Intermedia advertising competition 65
4.2. Worldwide advertising 69
Conclusion 72
Bibliography 78
The list of advertising texts in Press 81


American journalism itself has undergone a fundamental transformation in recent years, partly as a result of new technology and partly as a result of the changes in the society it has chosen to mirror. This is not surprising, since change itself is a hallmark of American culture. Whether it chooses to call itself an observer or not, the American news industry is a full-fledged participant in that culture, as well as in its country's democratic political system and its free-market economy.
Protected by government interference by a brief, 200-year-old clause in the American constitution, the press has emerged as the self-appointed monitor of official life, recorder of public events, and even unofficial arbiter of public behavior. The U.S. news industry is also a very big business. Daily newspapers alone generate some $32 billion in advertising revenue a year. Magazines - and there are more than 11,000 of them -- circulate more copies than there are Americans to read them....

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