An Artificial Standard: BBC English

Вид работы и учебная дисциплина

Готовая дипломная работа по дисциплине Английский язык


Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Received Pronunciation
1.1.The History of RP
1.2.Descriptions of RP

Chapter 2. Change and Variation in RP
2.1.Phonetic System
2.2. Speech Dynamics

Chapter 3. An Artificial Standard: BBC English
3.1. The Advisory Committee on Spoken English
3.2.BBC English as RP
3.3. Summary

Chapter4. Estuary English
4.1. Descriptions of Estuary English
4.2. Estuary English as RP
4.3. Summary

Conclusions and Outlook




English is the most widely spoken language next to Spanish. Over fifty-two countries have English as their official language. English is spoken in countries like India, Singapore and small islands nations like Fiji Islands. There is strong indication that English will continue to dominate the business world and other social functions which further reinforced the concept that English is a widespread language indeed.
The English language today is being spoken globally and there are several explanations why this is so. The first and well-known reason for its prevalence is that English is the official language of England. England or Great Britain built one of the largest empires in this world and in the height of their dominance, they spread their language and customs to the people they ruled. Another factor for the language’s ascendancy is that other non-English speaking nations have officially made English as their second language. They have come to...

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