New Cutting Edge. Intermediate. Workbook (with key)

Издательство: Longman - 98с. (+ answer key 16c.) + Audio - 2CD

New Cutting Edge Intermediate is aimed at young adults studying general English at an intermediate level and provides material for approximately 120 hours of teaching. It is suitable for students studying in either a monolingual or multilingual classroom situation.
New Cutting Edge Intermediate Workbook is divided into twelve modules, which consist of:
• grammar - consolidation of the main language points covered in the Students' Book
• vocabulary-additional practice and input
• skills work - Improve your writing and Listen and read sections
• pronunciation - focus on problem sounds and word stress.
The optional Student's CD/Cassette features exercises on grammar and pronunciation. There are two versions of the Workbook, one with and the other without an Answer key.

Workbook + answer key:

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