New Cutting Edge. Pre-Intermediate. Teacher's book.

Longman, - 183 с.

New Cutting Edge Pre-lntermediate is aimed at young adults studying general English at a pre-intermediate level and provides material for approximately 120 hours of teaching. It is suitable for students studying in either a monolingual or multilingual classroom situation.

The New Cutting Edge Pre-lntermediate Teacher's Resource Book consists of three sections:
• an Introduction and some Teacher's tips on:
- helping students with pronunciation
- working with lexical phrases
- making the most of the mini-dictionary
- making tasks work
- responding to learners' individual language needs
- using the Study ... Practise ... Remember! and Mini-check sections
• Step-by-step teacher's notes for each module, including alternative suggestions for different teaching situations (particularly for tasks), detailed language notes and integrated answer keys
• a photocopiable Resource bank, including learner-training worksheets, communicative grammar practice activities and vocabulary extension activities.
The teacher's notes section is cross-referenced to the Resource bank and the Workbook.

New Cutting Edge Elementary Teacher's Resource Book gives teachers everything they need to use the course successfully in a variety of teaching situations.

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