Clear Speech. Student's Book. Judy B. Gilbert

Pronunciation and Listening Comprehension in North American English

Third Edition - Cambridge University Press, 2005 - 192 с. + Audio CD

A revised and expanded version of the highly successful and innovative pronunciation text for intermediate to high-intermediate students of North American English. The Clear Speech, Third Edition, Student's Book provides learners with visual representations of important pronunciation features, such as voicing and syllable length. It features a reordered table of contents, a greater emphasis on listening recognition, and more coverage of vowel sounds. It also contains a Student Audio CD, so students can practice many of the exercises on their own.

Clear Speech is a highly successful and innovative pronunciation text for intermediate to high-intermediate students of English. It focuses on those features of English pronunciation that contribute the most to intelligibility – rhythm, stress, and intonation – as well as on individual speech sounds that carry important grammatical meaning, such as the plural “s” for English nouns and past tense “d” for verbs.


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Plan of the book
Acknowledgments viii
Letter to the student /X
Letter to the teacher X
Clear listening test xiii
Clear speaking test xvii
Key to sound symbols xviii
Unit 1 Syllables 2
Vowels and Word Stress
Unit 2 Vowels and vowel rules 10
Unit 3 Word stress and vowel length 18
Unit 4 Word stress and vowel clarity 25
Unit 5 Word stress patterns 34
Sentence Focus
Uillt 8 Sentence focus: Emphasizing content words 44
Unit 7 Sentence focus: De-emphasizing structure words 50
Unit 8 Choosing the focus word 59
Ulllt i Emphasizing structure words 69
Unit 10 Continuants and stops: /s/ and /t/ 76
Unit 11 Continuants and stops:/r/and/d/,/1/and/d/ 84
Unit 12 Voicing 97
Unit 13 Voicing and syllable length 109
Unit 14 Sibilants 119
Thought Groups
Unit 15 Thought groups 129
A Parts of the mouth 139
1 Tongue shapes for /s/ and /z/, /t/ and /d/, /r/, /1/, /6/ and /5/ 140
С More consonant work 142
Part 1 /r/ and III
Part 2 /n/and/1/
Part 3 /v/ and /w/
Part 4 /v/ and /b/
Part 5 /f/ and /p/
Part 6 /6/ and /t/
Part 7 Silent -t- and reduced -t-
Part 8 Aspiration
Part 9 Practice with linking
D Advanced tasks 163
Part 1 Word stress
Part 2 Sentence focus
Part 3 Thought groups
E How often do the vowel rules work? 173
Track listing for Student Audio CD 174