Thomson exam essentials: IELTS Practice Tests with Key and CDs. Harrison, M & Whitehead, R

Publisher: Heinle, 2006 - 256 pages (with audio 3 CD)

Description: Thomson Exam Essentials is a major new test preparation series that provides students with a essential combination of exam information, task guidance and exam level practice.
IELTS Practice Tests covers all four Modules of the IELTS exam:
- Six complete practice tests cover a wide range of typical IELTS topic areas.
- Task guides and Step-by-step guides in Tests 1 and 2 explain how best to approach each task type
- General Training section provides additional Reading and Writing Modules for two tests.


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Introduction 4
Test 1 with guidance 6
Test 2 with guidance 52
Test 3 92
Test 4 111
Test 5 131
Test 6 151
General Training Test A 172
General Training Test В 186
Model writing answers 199
OMR Answer sheets 207
Answer key (with key edition only) 209
Listening scripts (with key edition only) 243