NTC's American Idioms Dictionary. Richard Spears

3rd ed. - National Textbook Company; McGraw-Hill, 2000. - 640 с.

Completely revised, updated, reorganized, and enlarged with 600 new entries. Essential for writers and learners of American English, it features a unique new format, an appendix of 500 fixed-order phrases--such as fast and furious--that cannot be reversed, and a Phrase-Finder Index for easy lookups of even partially remembered phrases.

This dictionary provides 14,000 examples of usage for more than 7,500 idiomatic forms in American English. Entries have been completely revised and updated to focus on the user's need to know the meaning, usage, and appropriate contexts of each idiomatic phrase.

The dictionary contains a comprehensive Phrase-Finder Index that allows you to look up any key word in an expression and find the exact location of that expression in the main body of the dictionary. This feature allows you to identify and locate partially remembered expressions quickly and easily and to compare similar expressions at a glance.

Словарь содержит около 8 тыс. устойчивых словосочетаний английского языка, употребительных в США, с их толкованиями и примерами, иллюстрирующими их употребление в речи. В конце словаря дан алфавитный указатель слов и словосочетаний.

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