McGraw-Hill's Essential American Idioms Dictionary. Richard Spears

= McGraw-Hill's Super-Mini American Idioms Dictionary. Richard Spears


McGraw-Hill, 2nd edition; 2007, 2008. - 288 pages

Every language has phrases that cannot be understood literally. Even if you know the meanings of all the words in such a phrase and you understand the grammar completely, the total meaning of the phrase may still be confusing. English has many such idiomatic expressions. This dictionary is a selection of the frequently encountered idiomatic expressions found in everyday American English. The collection is small enough to serve as a useful study guide for learners, and large enough to serve as a reference for daily use.

This third edition contains 2,000 idiomatic phrases. This edition also has a Hidden Key Word Index that allows the user to find a particular idiom by looking up the words found “inside the idiom,” which is useful in finding the key words that do not occur at the beginning of the idiomatic phrase.

This dictionary should prove useful for people who are learning how to understand idiomatic English and for all speakers of English who want to know more about their language.

Словарь один и тот же, просто разные обложки и названия.

McGraw-Hill's Essential American Idioms Dictionary

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McGraw-Hill's Super-Mini American Idioms Dictionary

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