Kaplan TOEFL iBT 2006-2007 Edition

Издательство: Kaplan; 2006 - 480 с. (with audio CD)

From the creators of the #1 TOEFL course... TOEFL® iBT Exam is Kaplan's comprehensive guide to preparing for the TOEFL Internet-Based Test. This bestseller includes a CD with both an audio and iBT component, Kaplan's exclusive test-taking strategies, and in-depth practice and review for every section of the TOEFL. TOEFL® iBT Exam is the most realistic preparation available for the exam.
- Full-length diagnostic testing to identify your strong and weak areas.
- 4 full-length practice tests with detailed explanations for every answer.
- Hundreds of realistic practice questions.In-depth review of listening comprehension, grammar, reading, and writing.
- Effective test-taking strategies to help you maximize your score on every section of the test.
- CD audio component includes 7 academic lectures and 87 conversations for listening comprehension, plus diagnostic test listening comprehension review.
- CD internet-based test component includes 4 full-length tests with score analysis; sample questions; detailed answers; strategies for listening, structure, reading, and writing.

Примечание: Здесь приводится только книга и audio CD в формате mp3. Не представлен CD-ROM (175 Мб), так как он в формате iso, и для его открытия потребуются еще дополнительные программы.


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