Английский (топики/темы): Choosing a Career (1)


Choosing a career is extremely difficult. What can help you make the right choice?

Every person at the age of 14 to 16 has to make an extremely stressful decision, to choose his or her own career. You might be wondering what the difference is between a career and a job. Basically a job is something you do, but don't expect to continue doing forever. A career is what you hope to do for a long time or even for your entire working life. Choosing a career is a difficult and challenging task: the decision once taken will influence your future life. There are, of course, a lot of examples when people have changed their career paths in their twenties, thirties and even forties but, of course, it is better to make the right choice at the very beginning. The earlier you decide on what profession is interesting and rewarding for you, the more you can achieve during your lifetime.

Choosing a career is a challenging task indeed. It is all about finding the perfect match between your personality, interests, and skills. On the one hand, modern society, with its hundreds of professions and jobs, presents a vast range of future job opportunities. Industry and business, farming, science and education, medicine, service, arts and journalism are just a few professional fields a young person can specialize in. On the other hand, modern society with its crises, unemployment and inflation, makes a poor choice of profession a really bad mistake. You can choose a profession you really like, and face problems when looking for a job. Or you can find a job you like, but it will be underpaid. Besides, a young person's parents usually have their own ideas of what career path to choose. Some parents are more democratic and let the child determine his future by himself. Some are oppressive and overprotective and try to force the child to make this or that career choice. In this case, they often try to compensate for their own dreams which have failed and the chances they have missed. Sometimes they see their child is gifted in some field and try to persuade him to choose this profession irrespective of the fact if he likes it or not.

In spite of all the problems mentioned above, the choice has to be made. To make it easier for the young people, there is some professional advice. It's best for the young man to start this process as early as possible, ideally in the tenth form. You should determine if you would like to continue in higher education, or to learn a trade and look for a job. It's up to the person to decide, but you should remember that to get more chances, you should strive for higher education which enables you to be qualified for skilled labour. You should determine what you might like to study or major in at college. You might like to try some of these career assessment tests to help with this step. You will surely also get suggestions from family, friends, and high school teachers and guidance counsellors. You also have to consider the demand for a particular career in the labour market. Choosing a career where there are limited job opportunities can greatly increase the challenges you will face.

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1. Выбрать будущую профессию значит принять чрезвычайно трудное решение.
2. Выбор карьеры — это трудная и требующая напряжения задача, которая состоит в том, чтобы найти дело, идеально соответствующее вашему характеру, интересам и навыкам.
3. Современное общество предоставляет широкий выбор возможностей будущей работы в различных профессиональных областях, однако кризисы, безработица и инфляция делают выбор действительно трудным.
4. Интересная работа может быть плохо оплачиваемой или предоставлять мало возможностей для роста.
5. Некоторые родители разрешают своим детям самим определять свое будущее, другие деспотичны и слишком опекают своих детей.
6. Некоторые родители пытаются заставить своего ребенка выбрать ту или иную профессию, тем самым пытаясь реализовать свои несбывшиеся мечты.
7. Вам следует определить, хотите ли вы продолжить образование в вузе, что дает возможность получить подготовку для квалифицированного труда.
8. Чтобы выбрать профессию, можно попробовать пройти несколько тестов на профориентацию и послушать советы учителей и консультантов по профориентации.
9. Выбрать профессию, с которой трудно найти работу, значит создать для себя дополнительные трудности.

1. To choose one's future career is to make an extremely stressful decision.
2. Choosing a career is a difficult and challenging task of finding the perfect match between your personality, interests, and skills.
3. Modern society presents a vast range of future job opportunities in various professional fields, but crises, unemployment and inflation make the choice really difficult.
4. A rewarding job can be underpaid or have poor career opportunities.
5. Some parents let their children determine their future by themselves, some are oppressive and overprotective.
6. Some parents try to force their child to make this or that career choice, thus compensating for their own dreams that have failed.
7. You should determine if you would like to continue in higher education, which enables you to be qualified for skilled labour.
8. To choose one's career, one might try some of these career assessment tests and to get suggestions from the teachers and guidance counsellors.
9. Choosing a career with limited job opportunities will increase the challenges you will face.

Из пособия "ЕГЭ. Английский язык. Устные темы" Занина Е.Л. (2010, 272с.) - Part one. English examination topics. Forms 9/11.


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