Many people like traveling and I am no exception  to  the  rule.  Some
people like to travel in winter, but most of  them prefer to  go  travelling
in summer, when it is warm and the sun is shining brightly.
      There are people who like to travel by train or by air.  In  this  way
they cover large distances and see the far-off places.  If  a  person  likes
the sea he decides upon a sea-voyage. Nowadays young people travel  on  foot
and like to go to the woods or to the mountains.
      On a trip by air you don’t see much, but you save a lot  of  time.  If
you go by train, you get acquainted with new regions. A sea-voyage  is  very
pleasant if the sea is calm. The passengers enjoy watching  the  sea,  which
is always ever so beautiful.
      Many people travel all around our country by car.
      I believe that travelling is one of the best pleasures in the world.