The 70-th anniversary

                           The  70-th anniversary.
    Our teachers and students have prepared for their 70-th anniversary for
more than a year. During the last few years all  meetings  and  arrangements
at the Technical School were devoted to this date.
    Administrative teaching staff and the Methodical  Council  announced  a
competition among the Subject commissions and classrooms.
    So in 2000  a Subject commission of management and marketing became the
winner and in 2001 Russian and Literature classroom took  the  first  place.
The winners were awarded  with  valuable  presents  which  help  to  improve
educational process. ( TV sets, cameras and so on.).
    Different kinds of sports competitions were held among the students  as
great attention is given to  sports  activities  at  our  Technical  School.
Sport is an essential part of our daily life.  School  teams  were  a  great
success at the competitions held among the educational institutions  of  our
    Amateur art activities are very popular among  our  students  who  made
glad  not  only  their  classmates  and  teachers  but  the  inhabitants  of
Pyatigorsk too. Our  students  became  the  winners  of  the  festival  "The
Students' Spring – 2000".
    We have a traditional  contest "The Student of a year". In 2001 a third
year student of the Management Department Andreasyan Tamara was the winner.
    The Preparatory Committee was headed by Deputy Directors O.V. Kovalyova
and A.M. Kartashov.
    A.V. Poplavskaya with  a  group  of  students  studied  thoroughly  the
history of the Technical School.  They  worked  at  the  archives,  met  and
corresponded with graduates and former teachers. The  result  of  this  work
was a Technical School Museum which renewed its work on the 27-th of  April,
2001, the day of our anniversary. The museum tells us about the  history  of
the Technical School.
    Our sponsors among whom were former graduates M.M. Mosheev, A.N. Bonus,
E.D. Mardahayev, U.A. Timoshenko, some enterprises PLC  "Holod",  sanatorium
"Rodnik" and many others gave a real help in celebrations.
    The jubilee celebrations lasted from April  20  till  27.  During  this
week, a lot of events took place at  our  Technical  School:  students'  art
exhibition,  the  exhibition  of   cookery,   graduates'   meeting;   photo-
exhibition and many others.
    Students' art exhibition was really remarkable. The students of the 1 –
4 courses and of  all  specialties  took  part  in  it.  The  visitors  were
impressed by works greatly. The exhibits were made of  different  materials:
wood, straw, glass,  bone,  stone.  Their  works  were  distinguished  by  a
romantic perception of life and nature. The  artistic  language  was  simple
and clear. But what impressed mostly – is the variety of  genres:  painting,
sculpture,  embroidery,  knitting,  musical  compositions,  batik  and  many
others. Subject-matter   was  various:  "Students'  life",  "Nature",  "Folk
motifs",  "Study  of  local  lore",  "Abstract  Art",  "Portraits".  It  was
pleasant to know that out students are interested  in  old  traditions.  But
they are also good at making new ones.
     And we are sure now that there are a lot  of  gifted,  talented,  keen
people here.  They  reflected  in  their  works  world  view,  readiness  to
mystification, practical jokes, disposition, analysis, vigilance.
    The cookery exhibition was organized during this  week  too.  With  the
help of the teachers the students did their best. It was  a  great  success.
The dishes of the Culinary Association  of  Caucasian  Mineral  Waters  were
also represented there.
    All in all the students showed 27 special banquet  dishes,  made  at  a
high professional level. While making sweet dishes and pastry  the  students
showed fantasy. Everything looked very realistic. The tarts  "Fruit  basket"
and "Opened book" were awarded a prize. The  exhibition  was  in  limelight.
Its motto was "Art of cookery  is  the  source  of  delicious   and  healthy
food". The Association of Culinary Experts of KMV. (president A.N.  Sobolev)
also represented the dishes of high culinary trade. The jubilee  panel  made
of multi–colored macaroni foods attracted special attention.
    The exhibition showed  that the students and teachers of  Technological
Department work with enthusiasm and love for their profession.
    As you know well served table is the top of hospitality. An  attractive
food service style adds to  the attractiveness of  meal.  Another  important
part of the meal service is correct table setting. Any meal  will  be  tasty
when eaten at a nicely covered table and you shouldn't  limit  your  fantasy
    Anniversary  celebrations  at  our  Technical  School  gave   rise   to
imagination of 3-d year students of the Department of "Service  organization
at public catering establishments". They created their own  compositions  of
holiday tables. Their fantasy in choosing the theme of tables  settings  was
    Competent judges with A.N. Sobolev a President of Culinary  Association
of KMV at the head had to appraise the creative work of  future  specialists
in the sphere of service.
    The  students  represented  holiday  tables  under  different  subject-
matters: "Easter", "Awakening of Spring", "Day  of  Humor",  "Victory  Day",
"Mother's Day". The students selected all the elements of setting  to  their
taste:  sets,  candles,  originally   folded   napkins,   flowers.   Unusual
accessories added a special nuance of individuality to  their  tables.  Each
table had its own unique style.
    Over 400 graduates and guests visited the anniversary celebrations. The
week  was  concluded  with  a  festival  where  gathered  graduates  of  all
generations, honored guests, teachers and students of the Technical  School.
The history met with the present.  Reminiscences  of  teachers  –  veterans,
graduates alternated with the best  items  of  amateur  art  activities   of
    The assistant of the Head of the   administration  of  Pyatigorsk  I.V.
Kalinsky, the representatives of higher educational institutions,  technical
schools, organizations and enterprises of KMV  congratulated  the  Technical
    The Head of the Personnel and State Service Department of  Ministry  of
Economic  Development  and  Trade  of  Russian   Federation   V.M.   Makarov
congratulated the body of the Technical  School  with  the  anniversary  and
gave the teachers awards of Ministry of Education and Ministry  of  Economic
Development of Russian Federation.
    43 teacher and workers of the Technical School  were  awarded  on  that

                     The History of the Technical School

    At the bottom of the mountains of Mashuk and Beshtau there is  a  world
popular health resort town of Pyatigorsk. It was founded 221 years ago.  Now
it is widely known in Russia and abroad.
    There is the oldest technical school in  Pyatigorsk.  –  the  Technical
School of  Trade and Economy  there.  It  is  situated  in  Universitetskaya
Street in the shade of chestnuts. It celebrated  the  70-th  anniversary  in
2001 .
    Its history began in 1931 when a Decision № 107 of Narcomsnab   College
of December 15, 1931 to found a technical school  of  Rostorgovlya   in  the
North Caucasus  was  made.  There  were  90  students  in  1931.  The  first
graduation was in 1934.
    During the fascist occupation the town was ruined (9.08.1942  –  11.01.
1943). The building of the Technical  School  was  completely  destroyed  as
well. But according to the decision of Pyatigorsk  Town  Council  began  its
work again in 41, Universitetskaya Street, just the very  place  the  school
is situated nowadays. Now it is a newly built modern  school  consisting  of
three buildings. It was done with the help of students.
    In 1963 there was built a new four – storied hostel, where 120 students
live now. There is a  library,  a  reading-room,  a  rest-room  there.  Tea-
parties, "Ogonkis",  meetings  with  interesting  people,  debates,  reading
conferences are often held here.
    In 1970 twelve teachers were rewarded with medals "For  Valiant  Labor"
for  their   large  contribution  to  the  development   of   teaching   and
educational process, 14  teachers  were  marked  with  the  sign  "Excellent
Teacher of Socialist Competition" of the  Ministry of Trade of  the  Russian
Federation.. 12 teachers were rewarded with the Lenin Jubilee medals.
    In 1972-1974 with the help of students a new three –  storied  building
was attached to an old one.
    Chemical and technological  laboratories,  students'  canteen  for  120
places and the pride of the technical  school   -  a  gymnasium  are  placed
    For great success in communist education of youth, for taking an active
part  in  mass  defensive  work,  for  spreading  political  and  scientific
knowledge among  the  population,   for  physical  culture  development  and
sports in our town the Technical School was rewarded with  diplomas  of  the
Central Committee of the Leninist  Young  Communist  League  of  the  Soviet
Union, Ministry of Education of  the  Russian  Soviet  Federative  Socialist
Republic   (RSFSR),  territorial  Party  Committee,  town  Party  Committee,
territory  executive  committee,  by  the   board   of   administration   of
territorial branch of all-union society "Znanie" etc.
    By the order of Ministry of Education of the  RSFSR  №  145  06.03.1984
"About affirmation of basic special colleges on the territory  of  Stavropol
and Krasnodar regions" Pyatigorsk  Technical  School  of  Soviet  Trade  was
confirmed as basic among  special  educational   institutions  of  Stavropol
    For  training  skilled  specialists  for  trade  and  public   catering
establishments the Technical School was rewarded according  to  its  deserts
with diplomas  of  managing  department  of  Stavropol  territory  executive
committee, territorial Party Committee and the town Party Committee.
    The Technical School has done a lot of good. For making  good  progress
in sports and physical training it was given the name "Youth" by the  All  –
Union  Council  of  Voluntary  Sport  Societies  of  Trade  Unions  in   the
competition  with other educational  institutions.  During  this  period  we
have trained 11 Masters of Sports, 5 Candidates of Sports, 237 sportsmen  of
the first degree.
    The tradition of holding of "The Day of Health" is still  taking  place
at the Technical School as well  as  basketball,  volleyball,  table-tennis,
mini-soccer, track-and-field athletics competitions , cross-country races.
    In 1981 the Technical School celebrated its  50-th  anniversary.  There
had been 73  graduations  by  this  time,  20600  specialists  for  national
economy: experts of food and non-food products,  goods  managers  in  public
catering establishments had been trained and assigned to work to 340  cities
and villages of our country.
    From 1977 till 1989 the Technical School cooperated with the College of
internal trade in Dresden  (GDR), which had many branches  in  other  towns.
Every year we exchanged delegations  for  20  days.  During  that  time  the
students studied the forms of trade  of  our  countries.  They  also  had  a
course of training at the best enterprises  of  the  Caucasian  spa  region:
Pyatigorsk, Kislowodsk, Yessentuki, Mineral Waters and in the towns of  GDR:
Dresden, Leipzig, Magdeburg and others.
    From 1991 – till 1994 our Technical School exchanged  delegations  with
the American Culinary Association. Our teachers and students were a part  of
the delegation. The Americans were given a certificate after a short  course
in Russian, national cuisine of Russia and Caucasus.
    It's a pleasure to note the fact that nowadays more  than  400   former
students work successfully in Stavropol region as the leaders  of  different
large enterprises of retail and  wholesale  trade  and  in  public  catering


|1.  Decoration "Honorary worker of special Secondary Education         |
|                                                                       |
|1. Kuznetsova L.U.                                                     |
|2. Gaivoronsky K.Y.                                                    |
|3. Kartashov A.M.                                                      |
|4. Yefimenko T.V.                                                      |
|5. Bogacheva M.V.                                                      |
|6.  Kovalyova O.V.                                                     |
|                                                                       |
|2. Diploma of Honor of Ministry of Education of Russian Federation     |
|                                                                       |
|1.  Galko I.A.                                                         |
|2.  Dudnikova T.I.                                                     |
|3.  Subotch Ye.L.                                                      |
|4.  Ausheva Z.V.                                                       |
|5.  Dementyeva L.A.                                                    |
|6.  Bushueva Y.V.                                                      |
|7.  Didenko T.V.                                                       |
|8.  Shabunina I.D.                                                     |
|9.  Rublyova Z.I.                                                      |
|10.  Globa M.I.                                                        |
|                                                                       |
|3. Diploma of Honor of Stavropol region Governor                       |
|                                                                       |
|1.  Filimynova A.P.                                                    |
|2.  Vladimirova L.V.                                                   |
|3.  Popko T.G.                                                         |
|4.  Yanborisova L.F.                                                   |
|5.  Belonogova I.F.                                                    |
|6.  Prosulova S.A.                                                     |
|7.  Somkina L.V.                                                       |
|8.  Pirskaya L.V.                                                      |
|                                                                       |
|Diploma of Honor of Ministry of Education Stavropol region             |
|                                                                       |
|1.  Volobuyeva M.V.                                                    |
|2.  Ankrinova V.F.                                                     |
|3.  Gordeytchuk A.B/                                                   |
|Batmanova L. A.                                                        |
|Podolskaya O. V.                                                       |
|Serikova V. V.                                                         |
|                                                                       |
|Diploma of Honor of the Head of Pyatigorsk                             |
|                                                                       |
|1.  Lobanova N.V.                                                      |
|2.  Rudakov S.V.                                                       |
|3.  Ivanidi Ye.D.                                                      |
|4.  Poplavskaya A.V.                                                   |
|5.  Dubova L.V.                                                        |
|6.  Mosheyeva V.G.                                                     |
|7.  Starchenko l..P.                                                   |
|8.  Selina  L.I.                                                       |

                               Entering Rules

    State  educational  establishment  was  founded  for   training   trade
specialists of medium level. It was  given  the  State  Certificate  by  the
Ministry of General and Professional education of Russian Federation  (Order
№ 875  from  06.04.98)  in  1998  and  199  we  passed  State  accreditation
successfully (certificate № 25 –0524 from 07.12.99).
    The training is conducted on the basis of a middle and  full  secondary
education (9 and 11 forms) in full-time or part-time forms in the  following
    1. Economics, Accounting and Control.
    2. Science of Commodities.
    3. Commerce.
    4. Management
    5. Marketing.
    6. Jurisprudence.
    7. Technology of public catering products.
    8. Organization of service at public catering establishments.

    While studying at the Technical  School  the  students  are  granted  a
deferment of Service  in the RF Armed Forces.
    The graduates of the Technical School have an opportunity to get higher
education by post-graduate study (3,5 years) at  the  Pyatigorsk  branch  of
North Caucasian  State Technical University, a good partner  of  the  School
during many years.
    The education is free of charge at any  speciality,  but  "  Economics,
Accounting and Control" (full-time education).
    Documents are being received from June, 1, till July, 31. The  entering
tests are conducted as far as the documents are presented.
    School-leavers must present the following documents.

      . School-graduation certificate or equivalent diploma with a  list  of
        disciplines and examination  marks. Copies are not accepted.
      . Medical certificate in accordance with Russian form 086/Y.
      . A copy of the work-book (for working people).
      . 6 photos 3 x 4 cm size.

    The graduates get a State diploma of education.
    You may get any information by telephone (87933) 5-72-34, fax 5-13-72.


    Lawyer – speciality 0201 "Jurisprudence", the activity of a  lawyer  is
aimed at realization of legal norms and securing of law  and  order  in  our
society; the objects of professional activity are  legal  relations  at  the
organizations of different forms of property.
     Accountant – speciality 0601 "Economics, Accounting and Control".  The
profession of an accountant  is  aimed  at  the  sphere  of  economical  and
financial activities  of  firms;  their  professional  objects  are:  firm's
property,  own  capital,  duties,  accounting  and  control   of   financial
economical   activities,   normative   and   registrative   and   managerial
documentation; an accountant carries out economical,  analytical  and  final
controlling activities.
    Manager  –  speciality  0602  "Management";  a  manager  goes  in   for
managerial  and  economical  activities,  ensures  rational  management   of
economical processes, organisation of  all  system  of  management  and  its
improvement, carries out organisation – managerial,  planning,  control  and
analytical activities.
    Marketer – speciality 0607 "Marketing"; the objects of  a  professional
activity of marketer are requirements  and  goods  policy  of  firms;  their
activity is aimed at researching consumer needs and stimulating of  sale  of
goods and rendering services; marketer carries out marketing  ,  economical,
control-analytical, accounting – saling information activity.
    Businessman – speciality 0608 "Commerce". A businessman  works  in  the
sphere of  circulation,  aimed  at  bringing  of  goods  and  services  from
producers to consumers. Objects of professional work of a  businessman  are:
processes   of   realization   of   goods   and   services,   technological,
organizational processes and informational  insurance  of  movement  of  the
goods. A businessman carries out commercial,  organisational  –  managerial,
marketing and foreign economic activity.
    Goods Expert – speciality 0612 "Science of Commodities". The objects of
the activity of a goods expert are goods, ensuring of goods movement.  Goods
examination is aimed at identification, appraisal and management of  quality
and range of goods, ensuring the  retaining  of  goods  consignments.  Goods
expert  carries  out  expert,   commercial,   organisation   –   managerial,
technological and marketing activities.
    Technologist  –  speciality  2711  "Technology   of   public   catering
products". He is in the sphere of producing and circulation. He carries  out
producing,  technological,  organisation-managerial,  controlling   activity
aimed at producing and realization  of  culinary  and  confectionery  goods,
service of customers, satisfaction of their real and future requirements.
    Manager – speciality 2311 "Organization of service at  public  catering
establishments." A manager renders services at public catering  and  ensures
information maintenance, getting goods and services to customers.

                         The Technical School Today

    The aim of the Technical School  is  to  prepare  specialists  of  high
professionalism and inner culture.
    The main tasks are:
       . to accustom the students to common to all mankind values;  to  form
         their adequate behaviour.
       . to develop their abilities for further training and for  conducting
         their professional activities.
       . to seize ethic and legal rules regulating the relations between the
         people, towards the society and the surroundings
    Nowadays the Technical School lives a very interesting and  full  life.
It has achieved a lot during these 70 years. These achievements belong  both
to teachers and students.
    For example, our girl-students regularly take prize places  in  aerobic
in our town and region. In table-tennis and dumb-bell our students took  the
second place in  the  competition  between  the  Technical  Schools  of  the
Ministry of economic development and Trade in Kursk  (1999).  We  constantly
take first places in town games.
    In accordance with the aesthetical direction of  education  we  have  a
general class meeting (or class-hour) when we visit concerts,  performances,
listen to the people of art. Amateur Student groups of the Technical  School
took part in the festival "Students' spring" and became laureates.
    It is a tradition  now  at  the  Technical  School  to  meet  with  its
graduates – this is a real connection of generation. While talking  at  such
meetings the managerial staff of the enterprises tell about the shortage  of
specialists in the  region.  The  market  demands  competent  and  qualified
specialists  of   modern   direction   (business-man;   lawyers;   managers,
    That's why by  adding  a  new  two-storied  building  we  enlarged  our
material  and   technical   basis   and   could   open   new   specialities:
"Management", "Commerce",  "Jurisprudence",  "Marketing",  "Organization  of
service  at  public  catering  establishments."  Our  graduates  come   with
presents, tell about their experience of work, invite our students  to  work
to their enterprises. Beautiful vases, pictures, VCR "Samsung",  telephones,
clocks – all these and many other presents of  our  graduates  decorate  the
studies and lecture-rooms of the Technical School.
    In 1989 two computer classes and a cabinet were opened here, they  gave
our teachers and students the opportunity to make themselves  familiar  with
new computer technologies. Most of our teachers in order to solve  our  main
methodical problem "Computerization of  educational  process"  had  finished
computer  courses.  But  that  wasn't  enough,  the  year  1999  showed  the
necessity of the creation of a laboratory "Training Accounting"
    The laboratory is  well  equipped  with  modern  computers  with  legal
information  systems  "Consultant-accountant",  "Directory  on   taxes   and
taxation",  software  "Best".  Future  lawyers  work  with   the   programme
"Consultant Plus".
    In 1991 there was organised  a  methodical  cabinet  at  the  Technical
School,  and  Mariya  Vladimirovna  Bogacheva  became  its   director.   Our
methodical work is directed on  creation  of  conditions  for  teachers  for
their fruitful  work. The main tasks of this cabinet are to teach, to  help,
to interest. During the whole history of the development  of  the  Technical
School the teaching staff puts and solves concrete  methodical  aims,  based
on the  principle  of  training  high  qualified  specialists,  meeting  the
requirements  of  educational  standard.  The  distinctive  feature  of  the
improvement of our methodical basis is  step-by-step  research  accumulation
and the highest possible utilization of  all  methodical  knowledge  in  all
aspects of pedagogical activities.
    Nowadays the pedagogical staff works  out  educational  and  methodical
complexes on different disciplines, collection of practical works, tasks  in
economics, accounting. There  is  a  methodical  council  at  the  Technical
School, O.V. Kovalyova, the Deputy Director  in  educational  work,  is  its
President, under the direct guidance of the Council  the  certification  and
recertification of teachers and  masters  of  practical  training  has  been
held. Great attention is paid to young teachers. No one is left aside.
    The chairmen of cycle commissions help the teachers in their methodical
work. There are 10 of them at the Technical School. They are headed  by  the
teachers of the highest category. At  the  end  of  each  year  there  is  a
competition  for the best commission. The winners are awarded with  valuable
    It has already become a tradition to hold  the  weeks  of  specialists,
when each  cycle  commission  presents  its  speciality.  Many  interesting,
necessary and useful things are held: presentations of goods  on  the  bases
of practical training (they are usually  organised  with  the  help  of  our
teachers and masters  of  practical  training);  setting  of  theme  tables,
exhibitions of cocktails, cookery, confectionary prepared by students.
    Practical training of students, which takes from  40%  to  50%  of  the
whole volume of training, helps to raise the quality of future  specialists.
During their industrial (professional)  training  the  students  consolidate
and deepen the knowledge they have got during, their  theoretical  training,
acquire skills and habits.
    There  are  different  forms  and  methods   of   practical   training:
educational,  industrial,  technological,  before  the  diploma  (on   their
    Practical training takes place at the largest and the best  enterprises
of trade and public catering in the towns of Caucasian Mineral Waters.  Many
of them are headed by our graduates.
    On the group of non-food products the bases for practical training are:
"The Department Store № 1" LTD, "Children's World"  LTD  in  Pyatigorsk;  on
the group of food products – the Shop  №  1  Public  Limited  Company  (PLC)
"Holod" in Pyatigorsk.
    For the speciality № 2711  "Technology  of  public  catering  products"
there  are  the  following  practical  training   bases:   the   restaurants
"Friendship"  ("Drughba")  in  Kislovodsk,  "Tselebny   Narzan"   ("Curative
Narzan") in Kislovodsk, the Technical School canteen, the refectory  of  the
sanatorium "Spring" ("Rodnik") in Pyatigorsk, "Ukraine" and "Kazakhstan"  in
    For the speciality № 2311 " Organization of service at public  catering
establishments" there  are  the  following  practical  training  bases:  the
restaurants "Intourist", "Pyatigorsk" and  "Hermitage"  in  Pyatigorsk,  the
cafe "Beks".
     The  students  of  the  speciality  №  0607  "Marketing"  and  №  0602
"Management" have their practical training in typing and  computer  clerical
work in the offices of the  Technical  School  under  the  guidance  of  the
teachers of special subjects, and practical training  in  clerical  work  at
the enterprises and in offices working as secretaries  and  leaders  of  the
    The industrial training of the students of  the  speciality  №  0201  "
Jurisprudence" is held in the Procurator's Office,  in  the  district  court
and in the Administrations of the towns of the Caucasian Mineral Waters.
     The practical training of the students of  the  speciality  №  0601  "
Economics, Accounting and Control" takes place in the laboratory   "Training
Accounting" at the Technical School.
    Some arrangements (many of which have become traditional – "Ordaiting",
Teachers' Day",  'The New  Year",  "The  Students'  Spring",   "The  Day  of
Health", the meeting of KVN teams) take an important  place  in  educational
system  of  the  Technical  School.  All   these   arrangements   are   held
collectively, uniting a large number of students, who  divide  according  to
their interests to  managers,  script-writers,  painters,  sound  producers,
decorators and participants of amateur art activities. Such groups  are  not
stable, they are  organized  for  one  arrangement  but  they  let  all  the
students  try their abilities in different creative groups.
    Active participation of  students  in  social  life  of  the  Technical
School, high  quality  of  their  studies,  their  participation  in  sports
championships help to organize competitions for the title "The best  student
of the group", "The best student of  the  Technical  School".  The  students
themselves nominate candidates considering the results of the academic  year
and the Pedagogical Council affirms them.
    The best students are awarded with scholarships of  the  Ministry,  the
Governor of Stavropol region and the mayor of Pyatigorsk.
    Good material base, sports,  educational,  methodical  work  assist  in
graduation of specialists in  accordance  with  the  demands  of  the  State
Educational Standard.  In spite of its so respectable age  Technical  School
lives a bright, colorful life…

                                Our graduates

      For  70  years  more  than  30.000  specialists  graduated  from  the
Pyatigorsk Technical School of Trade and Economy. Among  them  there  are  a
lot of graduates who achieved excellent results in their work.
    Nowadays  more  than  400  graduates  of  the  Technical  School   work
successfully as leaders of large wholesale and retail  trade  companies  and
public catering establishments.
    Our Technical School is proud of these graduates:
    1. Kalinski Igor Vasilievich – graduated from the Technical  School  in
       1964. Speciality " Science of Commodities" (food-stuffs)  works  now
       as the assistant of the Head of the  administration  of  Pyatigorsk.
       Doctor of Economics.
    2. Sobolev Alexander Nikolaevich – 1962, "Technology of public catering
       services", works now as the Director of the restaurant  "Intourist",
       Public Limited Company "Stavropolintur".
    3. Girya Anatoly Nikolaevich – 1960, "Science  of  Commodities"  (food-
       stuffs)  works  now  as  the  Director  of   the   Limited   Company
       "Stroimaterialy" ("Building Materials") "Veteran of Labour".
    4. Gaidash Nikolai Grigorievich – 1960, "Science of Commodities" (food-
       stuffs) works now as the Director  General  of  the  Public  Limited
       Company  "Rubin"  in  Lermontov,  Honoured  Tradesman   of   Russian
    5. Timoshenko Yuri Alexandrovich – 1974, "Science of Commodities" (food-
       stuffs) works now as the Director General of  "Lyudmila and C( LTD.
    6. Bogachev Valeri Ivanovich – 1969, "Science  of  Commodities"  (food-
       stuffs) "Excellent Worker of Soviet  Trade",  "Veteran  of  Labour",
       "Honoured  Worker of Rosmyasomoltorg", works  now  as  the  Director
       General of  "Entrepreneur" LTD.
    7. The Mosheyev's dynasty.
     . Mosheyev M.M -1980, works now as the   Director  General  of  "Epos"
   Mosheyeva V.G. – 1982, is a teacher of the Technical School.
  Their children – Lyudmila and Sergei  –  graduated  in  1999.  Lyubov  and
       Victoria are our students.
    8. Shalaev Oleg Ivanovich – 1951, "Science of Commodities" he has  been
       working for more than 35 years as the Director of Essentuky Culinary
    9. Mardakhaev Ekman Danilovich – 1990, "Technology of  public  catering
       products", the Director of a Private Limited Company, "Univermag"  №
       1 (The department Store  № 1) Pyatigorsk.
10. Murmuridis Panteleimon Grigorievich –  1957,  "Science  of  Commodities"
   (non - food-stuffs), worked in a state trade inspection, as a manager  of
   a trust of restaurants and canteens in Pyatigorsk, a Director of  tourist
   hotel "Beshtau"

   11. Martirosov Eduard Avetistovich – 1984, was an excellent student, his
       speciality is "Technology of public catering products", the Chief of
       Nevinnomissk branch of ORS of North- Caucasian railway.
   12. Ulko Oleg Vasilievich – 1961, "Science of Commodities", the Director
       of "Gorcooptorg" LTD.
   13. Arutyunov Sergei Akopovich – 1960, "Science of Commodities",  worked
       as a manager of "Kurortprodtorg" in Pyatigorsk.
   14. Mogilni Mikhail Pavlovich – 1961,  "Technology  of  public  catering
       products",   Assistant   Professor   of   Pyatigorsk   Technological
   15. Kalashnikov  Vasili  Mikhailovich  –  1973,  "Technology  of  public
       catering products" works now as the  Director  General  of  a  Joint
       Stock Company "Lyudmila +".
   16. Bonus Alexander Petrovich – 1976 ,  "Science  of  Commodities",  the
       Director General of a market "21-st Century".
   17. Dvizkova Dina Petrovna – 1976, "Accounting in  Trade",  is  a  Chief
       Accountant of a Public Limited Company "Holod".

           Some of our graduates return to the Technical School as

    teachers and work for many years. They are:

    1. Shabunina Irina Dmitrievna – 1976, "Technology  of  public  catering
       products", has been working at the Technical School  for  19  years,
       she is the Head of  the technological laboratory.
    2. Mityukova Elena Vyacheslavovna – 1997, "Management", is a teacher of
       logic, ethics and aesthetics.
    3. Filimyanova Alla Panteleyevna  –  1979,  "Science  of  Commodities",
       master of practical training, has been working for 20 year.
    4. Mosheyeva Vera Georgievna – 1982,  "Technology  of  public  catering
       products", a teacher  of  organization  and  technology  of  selling
       goods, the chairman of a cycle commission.
    5. Dubova Lyudmila Vladimirovna – 1970, "Science of Commodities", (food
       stuffs), a teacher of organization and technology of selling  goods,
       has been working at the Technical School for 20 years.
    6. Kiryakova Lidiya Sergeevna – 1977, "Accounting in Trade", a  teacher
       of the highest category, has been working here for 23 years.
    7. Krizhanovskaya Tamara Ivanovna – 1960, "Science of Commodities", had
       worked as a teacher of "Science of Commodities" for 19 years.
    8. Globa  Mariya  Ivanovna  –  1975,  "Technology  of  public  catering
       products", a teacher of organization of production  and  Service  at
       the public catering , has been working at our school for 23 years.
    9. Bogacheva Mariya Vladimirovna  - 1969,  "  Science  of  Commodities"
       (food stuffs), a teacher of the highest category,  the  Director  of
       the Methodical Cabinet, has been working for 20 years.
   10. Yefimenko Tamara Vasilievna – 1981, "Technology of  public  catering
       products", the Head of a full-time education  department,  has  been
       working for 20 years.
   11. Kovalyeva Olga Vitalievna – 1977,  "Science  of  Commodities"  (food
       stuffs), the Deputy Director in educational work, a teacher  of  the
       highest category, has been working for 20 years.
   12. Somkina Lyudmila Vladimirovna – 1966, "Technology of public catering
       products", the Head of a full-time education department,  a  teacher
       of the highest category, has been working for 30 years.
   13. Burtseva Darya Grigorievna  - 1967, "Science of  Commodities"  (non-
       food stuffs), had worked as a   master  of  practical  training  for
       more than 20 years.
   14.  Muchkina Tamara Grigorievna  - 1952, "Science of Commodities" (food
       stuffs), had worked for more than 20 years a teacher of organization
       and technology of selling goods.
   15. Dudnikova Tatyana  Ivanovna  –  1971,  "Science  of  Commodities"  a
       teacher of the highest category, has been working for 10 years.

     There are many young teachers as well:

    1. Kovalyeva Nadezhda Sergeyevna –  1998,  "Economics,  Accounting  and
       Control", the Head of  the laboratory " Training Accounting "
    2. Dimitskaya Yulia Sergeyevna –  1994,  "Science  of  Commodities",  a
       teacher of finance, credit and money circulation.
    3. Paiko Elena Evgenievna – 1994, "Science of Commodities",  a  teacher
       of Economics and analysis of economical activity.
    4. Megayeva Svetlana Vladimirovna – 1991,  "Economics,  Accounting  and
       Control", a teacher of financial management and taxes.
    5. Fedchenko  Irina  Sergeyevna  –  1998,  "Economics,  Accounting  and
       Control", a teacher of  the laboratory " Training Accounting ".

    One of the authors of this site is also a  graduate  of  our  Technical
School Pesotskaya Vladislava Vladimirovna ( www.  vlada.  mashuk.  ru),  she
graduated in 1996, her speciality was "Commerce" and now  she  works  as  an
Information Technologies Manager in Web-studio "Mashuk".


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