Change strategy and management organization of Shipping Company as respond to severe market conditions.

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Год сдачи: 2010

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Introduction 6
Part 1. Management as object of research 8
1.1. Economic bases of change management 8
1.2. The analysis of researches in the field of management of the companies. 12
1.3. Features of strategy of Blue Ocean 16
Part 2. Features of management shipping company 21
2.1. Management organisation of Shipping Company 21
2.2. Mode
shipping and management 28
2. 3. Working out of strategy for NYK on the basis of the SWOT-analysis 31
Conclusion 34
Bibliography 36

Efficiency of management is a management of activity of the enterprise with the minimum costs and the maximum results. In management allocate economic and social efficiency.
Result of economic efficiency is the economic benefit reflected in growth of profit, decrease in costs, improvement of quality etc. Result of social efficiency is the social effect.
It consists in increase of satisfaction of workers from performed work, improvement of working conditions, increase of well-being of workers.
More than ever pressing question about management efficiency at shipping companies.
We live in a global society which is supp